Ohh boi! i cannot describe how much i relate to your problems! I’m distracting myself from that craving for a spoonful of nutella by reading this amazing post of yours! Lucky you, you gonna get some biryani today. This conveys that not all muslims have refrigeratos full of biryani’s. Keep up the funny stuff man!

Meaningless Much-Much?

First of all, it’s written as ‘Ramadan’ and pronounced ‘Ramzaan’ but I don’t correct people because when they wish, they do with a nice intention. Much like Congress’ hopes of winning Karnataka, I don’t want their expectations to be brutally crushed by being a stuck-up Nazi. Also that’s because they didn’t know a lot about it, much like RG 🌝 (*insert FIR here*). I’m here to change a bit of that.

So we fast during the month of Ramadan. Lemme tell you, our bodies ARE NOT ready for Ramadan, I kid you not. Everything’s going perfectly fine. You are having a healthy lunch of fries at pretentious places at 5 ‘o clock and dinner (A jar of nutella) at 1:30AM with Netflix. Your body is happy and could practically worship you (and not the other way round). When suddenly you wake up at 3:30AM, eat many fruits and chapatis…

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