He smiled.

She cried in solitude and desperation, he smiled.

She longed for company and redemption, he smiled.

She found him funny and admirable, he smiled.

She found refuge in him, he smiled.

Those broken parts of her were replaced with his, he smiled.

She said she’d never let go, he smiled.

Things got worse, he smiled.

The sickness took over her, he smiled.

Every second she had him by her side, he smiled.

She cried in his arms as they took her to the ER, he smiled.

He smiled as he saw those lively, watery eyes longing for survival for the last time.

The morbid hospital corridor made him numb, he smiled.

In the silent night she left. She lived a life with no regrets. Oh how he watched this angel all day, hoping god would take his life instead.

“God isn’t cruel,

 Life isn’t unfair.

 I hope you remember me,

 I’ll be waiting for you, i don’t wanna be bored up there.”

He smiled.

With pain embedded in his cries,

He smiled.


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