It’s funny how you get really confused about how you feel at times.


These feelings are like waves in a stormy ocean. Some crash over the other. Some take over the inferior ones. Some stay calm and flow with the breeze. .

Every morning i wake up, it’s like i wake up in a different me. Some days i lay there staring at the ceiling wondering about the intricacies of this average life i live. Some days i don’t realise that my feet are on the ground already, i’m more than willing to take this life head-on and lead this story of my life with compassion.

Songs also have a huge influence upon how i feel and behave at times. Songs are like the breeze to this unpredictable sea of emotions. There are certain tunes that are bound to pull you into sorrow. 

It’s a different kind of sorrow. It’s the type which i willingly jump into. It nostalgic and soothing to be in vain at times. Reminiscing about the disturbing past is like thinking of a storm that couldn’t take you with it. It’s relieving.

Some songs make me dance. Some songs take on a high. Some songs don’t affect me at all.

Some songs provide peace. It’s the sound which pervades the space beneath this vast ocean. The silent melody sifting through the calm blue void. The melancholy at which whales dance. Even the feeling of impending doom cannot overcome this sense of euphoria.

It’s funny how i get lost and lose focus. I wish i could blame this lonesome ocean of mine.

But it’s what makes me, me.






3 thoughts on “Feelings

  1. I would change the format and the font color. Try to align the images with the words in a way that’s a bit more inviting and organized. Maybe choose one image that sums up your overall thoughts and use that, too many pictures on a short piece can be distracting.

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