Fleeting purpose (1/4)

I dread being this guy.

I dread living this life.

Purpose seems lost,

All that’s left is a goodbye.

Have you ever put your favorite song as an alarm tone but you still couldn’t convince yourself out of bed? The sound seemed like torture as I kept snoozing till eternity.

Its 4:00 AM. I’m forced to get on duty, it’s the survival of the fittest in this profession. Getting ready is a chore, maybe it’s because there’s no need to do that anyway. I only do that for that divine five star rating. The forced small talks, the unnecessary concern it’s all just a formality. It’s the traits you need to be an uber driver you see.

It seems like I’m driving my youth away. I never thought I’d be in this place but here I am. Living for another day. Livin’ the same old mediocre life. I had dreams when I was young, I dreamt of being famous. I dreamt of singing to an astounding amount of audience.

I dreamt of singing for a purpose.

I dreamt of singing for the world.

The people wouldn’t like an uber driver singing for them now, will they? I meet tons of people in a day. Some are sweet, some are arrogant. Some are sad, some are just silent. The best rides are the silent ones for me.

I get a ping on the app as soon as I turn it on. Someone needs to get to the airport ASAP. I sing on the way to pick him up. It’s how I keep my mind occupied.

The guy was sweet. I got a 5 star rating too!

It was 5:30 AM when I got another request. I accepted it and was on the way to the pickup location when I got a call. It was a lady. Not the kind I expected her to be.

She had a really sweet voice. There was a different aura in those sound vibrations.

“Can you please hurry? I feel uneasy on this street.” she said.

I was surprised at the fact that she considered an uber ride as her rescue. She was different, she was a person brimming with positivity. She was a beauty!

With a long brown jacket she seemed really cold as my car approached her. I turned up the heater before she got in.

“You’re really considerate and kind!” she said with a smile.

She was a singer for sure. I could feel that in her voice. Soft with contrast, her voice was divine!

“Where to?” i inquired while trying to get a glimpse of her through the rear view mirror.

“i called for an uber not a taxi” she said with a sly smile.

 Sarcasm looks eerily attractive on woman without a doubt.

“There goes the small talk out the window” i said as i pulled down the window and back up again.

She let out a giggle as she shivered due to the cold.

I’ve never had someone so beautiful in my car before. I mean there were ‘Good-looking people’ but none were beautiful.

She was, indeed.


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